Your White Privilege Plays a Critical Role in the Fight for Justice

White privilege can be used for good. But first, you need to acknowledge it’s existence.

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“But I’m white and not privileged. My life has been hard — you don’t know my story.”

“Actually it has… I experience reverse racism: I’m seen as a bigot.”

“But I don’t see color. Isn’t it more divisive to acknowledge our differences?”

“Are they really though? I think they take unique cases and blow them out of proportion.”

“Who exactly is the oppressor in the United States?!”

“Okay, I am aware of the recent brutality cases… but not all cops are bad!”

“But violence and looting certainly won’t solve anything! ‘Black Lives Matter’ is basically a terrorist group!”

“You must admit there’s probable cause for roughness in cases of disorder, no?”

“I worked for everything I have in my life though. Nothing was handed to me. So why can’t black people pull themselves up by their bootstraps and change their own lives?”

“Well... what exactly can I do to help?”

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